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SLS、SLA Laser Molding

SLA Rapid Prototyping

SLA (Stereo Lithographic Apparatus) RP technologies are based on the Polymerization of Photopolymer Resins. SLA is one of the most effective forms of Additive Rapid Prototyping. Using 3D data in .stl file format, we produce high resolution form, fit, and functional parts. We can take your idea from Concept Design to complex Solid Model in a matter of hours. SLA is excellent for rapid production of small electronics, appliances, and medical devices.

Shen SLA laser shaping material adopts 14120 photosensitive resin of U.S.A.SOMOS and GP60 Materials. Company’s products type, this resin shaping part toughness is fine, already been very close to ABS, the precision is high, the error can be controlled in ±0.05mm, and does not receive any complicated curved surface of part, the restriction of the complicated structure.

SLA working principle

  • Convert 3D data into (.stl) file format.
  • Using the SLA 3D software program, place Virtual Objectson the Virtual Part Tray.
  • Using the SLA 3D software program, select layering and design Part Support Structures.
  • The computer controlsthe Ultraviolet Laser drawing the part design according to the 3D data sectioned information ofeach layer onto the Photopolymer Resin point by point.
  • The Photopolymer Resinreacts to the UV Laser, curing and forming a thin solidified layer.
  • After the solidification of one layer, the Part Traywill lower 0.1 to 0.15 mmand will wipe off the residual resin to allow another layer of Photopolymer Resin to be drawn and solidified.
  • Each new layer solidifies to the previous solidified layer.This layer by layer process will repeatuntilthe entire piece is complete.
  • When complete, the Part Tray will rise to the top. The SLA Part and Part Tray are tilted to allow any uncured Photopolymer Resin to drain off. The Part is removed off the Part Tray and cleaned using alcohol. After the part is clean and the structural supports are removed, the part is sent to Production or Post Production Finishing.