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The grown-up of fresh blood in Industrial Man--Liuling

Hello , everyone . This is Liuling from the School of Science and Technology , major in English . As a green hand in our company since taken in on Jan ,15th , 2013 , I ‘d like to share my feelings being here with all of your guys .

I felt like a real INDUSTRI-MAN when I went to our manufacture workshop , all the workers were concentrated on their work which appointed to ,the huge machines were shouting under the operation . Everything goes quietly and smoothly . All things are difficult before they are easy . I had no idea about prototype before , so definitely it’s a big challenge as well as a good learning chance to me . During the days staying at the manufacture workshop , I learned varieties of materials which seemed no difference , ABS , PC , PU and so on , and the processing methods varied from SLA to CNC , in which the CNC is the most popular one .

It’s not quiet a long time since I take part in our company , but the INDUSTRI-MAN spirit inspires me a lot , Being professional realizes dreams , service makes the further brighter ! From now on , I’d like to follow the steps of the seniors , try every effort to make our customers satisfy . I feel strongly that I can make it .