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How to communicate with customers about prototype ? What should be noticed ?

1.learn to watch 3D drawing ,2D drawing , and effect drawing . Counting how long will it take machined by CNC machine when we watch the drawing , if use SLA , then how weight it is and also need how long .( Unit should change to inch )

2.For a new customer , making rough estimate for his prototype quantity per year according to the customer’s business line and the company capacity which he worked for , What we should notice the Price , quality ,delivery time ,and remember quote a lowest price to the best of your ability at frist time .

3.Know about what kind of prototype customer want to make , how many pieces ? What process way ( CNC,SLA,SLS) , what material , is it need duplication or not ?

4.About duplication , transparent silicone mold can be used about 15 times , the normal silicone mold can be used 8-10 times

5.How abut the post-process ? Is it white board prototype or painted prototype ? What color should be paint ? Is there have any color palette will be provided by customer ? About the surface treatment should know about clearly , Should know about the painted color is gloss or matt , is it need silk screen or not ?

6. In addition , should know about what special process will needed ,such as electroplate ,pad printing ,laser etching ,anodized ,drawbench ,gilding ,high gloss ,UV varnishing .