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General plastic prototype processing way

1.CNC machining center
Industrial man uses internationally recognized advanced CNC software and machining equipment. According to client’s CAD data, we can produce Rapid Prototypes or Direct Part Productions.CNC machined is relative cheaper than SLA and SLS machined. BTW, vast selection of High Grade CNC materials ,high Precision & Quality, Processing field widely used has won Customer's recognition.
2. laser rapid prototyping
There are two kinds of processing way for your reference.
(1).SLA (Stereo Lithographic Apparatus) RP technologies are based on the Polymerization of Photopolymer Resins. SLA is one of the most effective forms of Additive Rapid Prototyping. Using 3D data in .stl file format, we produce high resolution form, fit, and functional parts. We can take your idea from Concept Design to complex Solid Model in a matter of hours. SLA is excellent for rapid production of small electronics, appliances, and medical devices.
Advantage:High accuracy;Fast speed;show the details on the little parts
Distanvage:The material is easily broken
(2)SLS (selective laser sintering of powder materials) powdered material forming. Paver material powder in the upper surface of the molded parts, and Calibrating; the part cross-section with a high intensity of the CO2 laser scan newly paved new layer; material powder is sintered in a high-intensity laser irradiation together to give part of the section, and the connection has been molded with the following portion; when a layer of a cross-sectional sintered after covered with a new layer of powder material is selectively sintered underlayer sectional.
Advantages: a variety of materials can be used;the manufacturing process is relatively simple;high-accuracy, high material utilization, cheap, low-cost; warpage is smaller than the SLA.
Disadvantages: rough surface of the parts; large particles;need a hand-polished surface. )

3.Vacuum casting
Vacuum casting machined use of the original template, to produce a silicone mold in a vacuum state, and in a vacuum state using the PU material Casting, thereby cloning the same as the original template, Compared to the original sample of high temperature resistance, strength and hardness of the performance will be good copy if the customer want to do several sets or dozens of sets of prototypes,which will be suitable for this method, it can greatly reduces the cost.

4.Manual processing
Using the above three ways to make the sample, and then polishing, assembling. Assembly into finished products, through quality inspection and we can send the products to our clients.