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The grown-up of fresh blood in Industrial Man--LuoYuqing

My name is LuoYuqing, I’m graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology. I came to Shenzhen Industrial Man RP&M Co.,LTD in 15 Jan. 2013.As a fresh employee in this company, I can know little of this industry. Since got experience at this company, I knew more of this sector and my job responsibilities.

The first thing I do is to learn how to identify different materials such as ABS, PMMA, POM ect. And learn how to use the CNC machine to make prototype. Then I know the products can be laminated when it need much sets. Further more, the products completed through CNC will be handmade. If needed, the products will be post processing.

After one month training in the Industrial Man, I have changed a lot, and learned more of this sector, I can adjust myself quickly in my work. I’m very appreciate Industrial Man giving me this opportunity to join foreign sales which is a potential and positive team.