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Prototype notices

Plastic prototype
The materials of plastic prototype are ABS.PC.PMMA.PU and so on. ABS is the common materials in the prototype service. PM.PMMA is the transparent part: PU is the silicone mould materials. ABS is the mechanism bulk, dense is muche lower than the injection ABS. after processing, internal molecular chain is cutting fracture.So ABS prototype is low strength, easily break.they couldn’t be products for selling.
Plastic prototype divide into CNC milling processing and silicone mold, the another is SLA(Laser rapid prototyping) ,the speed is very fastly.

CNC milling.The tool with general machinery processing without distinction.The difference is its milling materials for ABS, PC, PMMA and so on.Three-dimensional data through the numerical control machine programming software. Output to CNC machine ,so that they can produce the semi-finished products what we need. Semi finished products via polishing, painting, electroplating and other processes to complete the final samples.With the formal comparable products. the best way for testing the cosmetic prototype and function prototype display.
Silicone mold is made by silicone, Using special equipment made the internal silicone mold  empty, and then PU materials injected into a silica mold, put into the high temperature box for solidifying, withdraw the finished product. the parts with high strength by this method ,they can be used as product sales.Each set of silicone mold can produce about 10 sets .The excessive number of silicone mould will reduce its precision , it is the best way to do the short lead-time  and small batch products.
mental parts
Sheet metal prototype’s material is the same to the die out of products ,they are both for galvanized sheet.So you can use them for sells products.

Laser cutting (CNC punch cutting) - NC bending - (spot welding, pull nails, screws) parts assembly and surface treatment (spray) - finished products

There is some cosmetic deference between sheet metal parts and the die stamping parts .But don’t need to open mold, it is a small batch production methods..

IMD is a heat transfer printing technology. The film make into the shape of cylinder, hanging in the die. The injection time can be completed heat transfer printing work. It owns the high precision and the strong adhesion than the ordinary heat transfer technology .they are widely used in washing machine, air conditioning, microwave oven, mobile phone and other products.

Prototypes materials
Metal parts

High-quality cold-rolled steel plate, high quality cold rolled galvanized steel, hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy


Rubber: soft rubber  silicone

Surface treatment: spray paint, chrome plate, silk screen, pad printing

Metal parts

Paint: powder coating (with orange peel, sand stria); liquid (primer, topcoat, sprinkle, flat, metal texture); electroplating and vacuum plating: plating, nickel plating, vacuum plating. Various surface treatment by UV paint ;
AL  anodizing
Wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting