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Surface treatments on prototype

Painting:  Spray painting the colour on the prototypes according to customers pantone number

Silkscreen:  making the logo or graph on the prototypes

Pad printing: Making the logo or graph on the rough surface , however It needs to have in screen printing on the basis of a piece of steel, the price of more than 100 yuan.
Laser carving : Laser off product surface paint, make some position light. ( for example: Mobile phone keypad, Car DVD button, mirror, )
Chrome plating: In order to the product details with more eye-catching, coated with a layer of chrome silver color,but before plating the sample it must be very smooth, it must be no impurity traces,and then soak in the chemical potion.

Oxidation( anodizing processes): The aluminum surface oxidation reaction, forming a layer of membrane, it is very difficult to scratch.
Wire drawing: Pull out the most smallest trace on the surface of the AL. Made the sample texture better.
High light: using high-speed CNC machining with a circle in the surface of finished Aluminum sample , expose the Al colour..
UV oil: On the surface of the product are sprayed with a layer of transparent oil , drying it by the ultraviolet raysdry, so that make the product more bright, doesn’t easily scratch, like a layer of protective layer

basso-relievo: In a flat surface by hand made carving product called Cameo

Clay sculpture: Using the fatlute by the hand engraving  into a stereo product called Clay figure.

Lathe:  there is a chuck with clamping various materials to be an oval or round cups and so on.

Miller:  it is close to CNC machine, but but it is a gongs bed by the manual and automatic switch controlled (no 3D drawing is also be made of physical goods, but it should have samples or draft)

Sandblasting: the finished polishing prototype hand which be painted to translucent grains of sand .(for example, translucent glass)